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Walk & Talks

Do you feel like your mind is scattered and your energy is being misplaced? Are there ideas or projects looming in your psyche that you feel like you don’t have time to figure out?

For hundreds of years it’s been thought that walking stimulated creative thinking. Aristotle, Darwin, and Neitzsche all used walking to help facilitate problem solving and creative thought. Modern science agrees that walking allows our minds the space to focus on what’s important. While walking, our heart rate and oxygen levels increase which can also start to build new connections between brain cells. More specifically, walking allows the brain to wander and the mental space and distance to think differently.

Want to learn more about the science of it? Check out this article.

Walk & Talks are an easy way to help you sort through your thoughts and feelings. You can Walk & Talk in person or via phone!

Tune in and take charge of your wellbeing.

Bryan Voliton

I Giant

I Giant, is a men’s empowerment program to help unlock your Inner Giant. Confront limiting beliefs, anxieties, and habits that diminish your spirit and make you feel small.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, get a guide”.
(Based on African Proverb)

We all have vulnerabilities in life. Learn to acknowledge them and turn them into strengths. Bryan Voliton is your confidant and guide to observing your inner power and harnessing it to accentuate all of the strength inside you. Every man has the potential to make peace with his Inner Giant and apply it in productive ways.

Stop playing it small only to make others feel comfortable. Learn to:
• Build Trust
• Build Self-confidence
• Develop Emotional Resilience
• Nurture Creative Exploration
• Create Inner Peace
• Create New Habits
• Be Happy More Often

Each session will teach you the tools to cultivate more mind, body, and creative wellness.

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The Practice

Unplug and focus on how you can customize your self-care routines in movement, mindfulness, and creativity. Choose what areas you’d like to focus on and get help staying accountable, figuring out what works best with your schedule, and how you can keep progressing. 

These (1) hour one-on-one sessions will be centered around The Tuning In Practice. We recommend purchasing The Tuning In Journal and Workbook to accompany these sessions. We also recommend purchasing a Consultation prior to a session but it is not required. When purchasing multiple sessions, you have up to 3 months to use all of them.

Mason Gehring

Art Making For Self-Care

Let’s take a journey together to develop your personal creative process and how you can use an art making experience to bring you wellness.

Having a creative outlet that can be practiced daily or at least several times a week can help create a place of peace, expression, lower stress levels, create a positive distraction from daily life/stress, learn new skills, and build confidence. Sessions can be taught online and in-person.

We will start with using materials and processes that are easy for any level of experience so that the creative process is not intimidating. Once there is more comfort and confidence in being creative we can start exploring other materials that may give more opportunities for expression or fine tuning artistic skills.

Monthly Mini Retreats 

Starting in April 2023
The last Sunday of every month:  9am – Noon.
Located at: The Dunedin Health & Wellness Center
1000 Bass Blvd
Dunedin, FL 34698

$35 per person. Limited to 10 spots available.

Come play, feel alive, and free!
Join us for movement, breath work, qigong, meditation, and a creative reflection and discussion centered around a monthly theme. All materials are provided. Available to anyone at any level of experience.

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The Tuning In Journal is a great place to start recounting and reflecting on your daily self-care practices. 

Free Creating

Monday nights from 7pm – 8pm we gather online to work on creative projects and keep each other accountable.

Walk & Talk

Don’t let good ideas wait around too long. Get out of your own mental way and sort it all out – on the go!

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