The Tuning In Practice

The Tuning In Practice is the first steps of your journey as you tune into what moves, excites, and grounds you to the important things in your life.

Every human needs a personal practice. Mindfulness, movement, creativity, and community are tools to help sustain progress and nurture resiliency.

The Tuning In Practice was created to develop a daily routine that investigates deeper connections and tuning into the rhythms of life. If you’re ready, The Tuning In Practice will teach you how to get started in crafting a mind/ body approach to your self-care routine. 

These tools are:

+ Mindfulness
+ Movement
+ Creativity
+ Community

Start your Tuning In journey by purchasing the Workbook and Journal to chart your progress. If you’re a more visual and interactive learner, sign up for a group workshop or one-on-one intensive so you can get questions answered and be part of the Tuning In Now community!

Tools of  the Practice


Creating a daily practice of mindfulness, whether it’s meditation or mindfully walking (just to name a few ways), can help give your brain moments of rest. This will allow you to manage overwhelming feelings when your thoughts are in overdrive. The Tuning In Practice will help you get started being mindful and find ways to practice consistently.


The Tuning In Practice will meet you wherever you are on your exercise journey. We’re calling it ‘movement’ to present the idea in a broader approach than the typical idea of forcing yourself to go to a gym and sweat. The Practice will help you stay consistent and meet your minimum exercise for the day. No experience needed. This is about listening to your body and getting it to a place you want to be.


Everyone is creative in some way! The Tuning In Practice wants you to recognize the creative part of yourself and nurture it so that you have a creative outlet to explore ideas, express yourself, and manage stress in a positive way.


When we are of service to other people, the benefits we receive can outweigh what we are giving. By being of service we are learning more about ourselves, improving our mood, learning new skills, and giving our brains a moment to get out of our own head and really be part of the world around us.

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