Bryan Voliton & Mason Gehring met in the summer of 2016 and immediately connected over art, drawing, and wanting to create a space for people to explore their creativity. Since then they have created and developed many ways to engage the mind & body to nurture creative wellness. Their greatest collaboration though, is their new son, Sunny, who just arrived in November of 2021. 

As a Transformational Guide,

my passion is helping others succeed at living the lives they want to live.

I was born a visual artist and raised by an amazing teacher. This translated into a successful graphic design career, where I naturally took on a mentoring role with my peers. I enjoyed solving communication challenges for businesses and brands and I loved helping other creatives find their stride.

While I excelled at partnering with businesses and brands, from local to global in scale, I was never meant to hang my hat in a corporate environment. I started a branding and design business called Beach And Main to help small businesses understand the big picture and capabilities of branding and marketing. Although, the more I worked through branding strategies with clients, the more I found myself helping them define who they are, who they wanted to be, and how to craft a life they longed to live. 

This is where the shift started to helping people develop personal skills to be the best version of themselves and to be able to pursue the work they are meant to do. This led to developing many different outlets like, The Unmanageables Podcast, Live Morning Meditations on Facebook, and a subscription based The Tuning In Collective online.  Through this journey, I found that engaging in person and focusing on hands-on learning was the most successful way to connect to people. 

Tuning In Now is my big audacious dream to offer thoughtful hands-on experiences for people to learn tools for a mind/body connection. It’s my mission to help people develop the self-care practices they need to be the best version of themselves, giving them confidence to pursue the work they are meant to do.

Mason Gehring

I Am An Actual Floridian,

born into a family of artists in Dunedin, Florida. I am a studio artist, drawing and painting instructor, and an artist in healthcare professional, with a BFA from the School of Visual Art and an MA in Arts in Medicine from University of Florida. 

My first love is painting and I love time in my studio developing a contemporary body of work. I use my arts in healthcare training to develop, create, and facilitate art experiences in healthcare and community settings. I work with my partner, Bryan Voliton, teaching self-care tools for mind and body for our company, Tuning In Now, which includes mindful creative exercises. 

I am an active member of the arts community throughout Pinellas County. I am a faculty member at the Dunedin Fine Art Center, at NOMAD Art Bus’s Micro Camp in North Greenwood, Clearwater, and arts and wellness activities for Pasco Hernando State College’s Peace week since 2018.

I believe that creating is our first language and it’s a primitive ritual that keeps us connected to humanity, ourselves, and pushes civilization forward. When not teaching, painting, or creating projects for arts in health programming, I enjoy spending a lot of time outside, especially at a beach.

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